Online Bingo VS. Land Based Version

Published December 17, 2006 by OCR Editor

Online Bingo VS. Land Based Version

A closer look at the game of Bingo, and the difference between the game in its land based version and its online version is a comfortable spectrum to view the fundamental differences between the two.

Naturally the similarities are obvious between land based casinos and online casino sites. For one, Bingo is played at both venues and is essentially the same game. It is the special features, variations and complete package that distinguishes the land based casino from the online.

Bingo! We have all called out "Bingo!" in the past. This game of chance, played by kids in school and grown-ups at casinos and community functions, is worth the patience and suspense if only for the chance to call out the blessed word - Bingo! This form of land based casino game and pastime favorite has enjoyed an ever-growing popularity, much thanks to the online casino game.

Unlike in land based casino games, this is no game for grown-ups only. Meeting new people used to be Bingo players' goal, their secondary goal if not even their primary one. Today, this has changed very little, only the age of the players is much younger. Bingo at online casino sites is still a great way to meet people, fellow gamblers and Bingo lovers. Today it is done with chat rooms, forums and other Internet media.

Although Bingo played at land based casinos is fair and square, fun and pleasing, its online versions are operated by the most advanced and trusted technologies. This way it has improved its already high reliability features. But perhaps the greatest advantage that online casino Bingo has over land based casinos, which is also a claim about the difference between the entire two industries and venues, is the prizes. New players at the online casino Bingo games can enjoy a welcome bonus and other promotions. It can only be compared to walking into a Bingo hall at a land based casino and receiving a few bills to take home just for coming to the place.

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