Online Casino Alternative in China

Published August 28, 2006 by OCR Editor

Online Casino Alternative in China

The town of Mong La was not so long ago a Chinese gambling center aimed especially for tourists. However reaching this once popular casino is no longer a pleasant affair this past year following fierce government action on citizens making their way there

The difficulty arose when China sent a number of troops into this remote region to enforce travel bans pressuring the land based casinos to close down. It even threatened to cut the town's power supply. But that didn't frighten Lin Mingxian, known by the alias as Sai Leun, the man behind the Chinese gambling scene. Sai Leun is known to be the town's overlord, and currently commands a militia of thousands. It is he who came up with the innovation of online gaming in China. Now with Sai Leun expanding his enterprise to gaming, Chinese people do not have to risk anything but their money to join in the experience.

Sai Leun started with seven new live Internet-enabled casinos designed for gamblers in China. An additional fourteen are expected nearby the town of Mong La. These new sites offer home gamblers the chance to watch the tables via a live video connection over the net and place the bets through agents located in the jungle. However, China still controls Mong La's telecommunication infrastructure, which may represent a pressure point on the Internet connections. Some operators say that Sai Leun has got that problem covered preventing another Chinese struggle against his new and advanced gambling operation.

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