Online Casino Gambling now on TV

Published July 12, 2004 by OCR Editor

Online Casino Gambling now on TV

Think you need a computer to participate in online casino gambling? Think again. By definition online casino gambling takes place on the internet. Up until now that was pretty much the case. But Spike TV, the network that targets the 20's & 30's demograph

Spike TV, one of the newest and hottest television networks to hit the air, defines itself as having the ability to "inspire and define the modern man by addressing his lifestyle interests. Programming includes comedy, blockbuster movies, sports entertainment and innovative originals." One of the latest programs that would fall into the innovative originals category is called "Midnight Spike". With celebrity guests interacting with show segments, cool music acts, and important information every guy needs to know Midnight Spike is your one stop guy shop.

Midnight Spike airs Saturdays at 3am and is definitely targeting the young, male demographic. It is a place where guys can be guys, relax and let their gut hang out with pride. And when guys think about hangin' out, only one place comes to mind a bar. The Midnight Spike bar is loaded with a cast of wild characters and of course, lovely ladies. But the party doesn't stop there. There is also a casino at the bar. Viewers get a chance to take part in the casino and place bets on Midnight Spike giving them a chance to win some prizes.

"'Midnight Spike' is fun-themed interactive programming that will be hosted from various sports-bar locations," said Spike TV V.P. of marketing Dario Spina. GoldPocket Interactive powers the virtual hangout. Throughout the show, viewers will be able to bet virtual money on the outcome of events that occur during the show, such as arm wrestling and other challenges the celebrity guests get involved in.

Interactive viewers can also take their chances at the new Spike Casino, where they will be able to gamble on games like roulette, craps and slot machines. GoldPocket Interactive senior V.P. of operations Ron Tache said boards show point status in real time with prizes for the winners supplied by Spike TV's promotional partner Sync magazine.

"We are finding that guys want to interact with their TV," Spina said. "By creating this space, we can create a level of excitement and it is a TV busting idea." Spike TV has adopted a common interactive TV model in which points can only be earned in real time, and leaving the program results in a total loss of points. Interactive viewers can also chat live with other members of the public.

Spina said "Midnight Spike" is a forerunner of Spike TV's plans for the future. "We're looking at building branded day shows," he said. "Late-night does well for us, so this is one of the first of those. Additionally, the Spike Casino could expand further and tie in with other programs."

Viewers participate by tuning their iTV-capable set-top boxes to Spike TV or by using their computer to log into the website. Tache said that GoldPocket's technology will allow Spike TV to integrate mobile devices in the future.

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