Online Casino Payouts More than Cash

Published November 20, 2006 by OCR Editor

Online Casino Payouts More than Cash

Online casino tournaments are growing in popularity among gamblers. An ever greater selection of tournaments is being offered at online casinos. They have, in turn, have affected online casino payouts, among other aspects of gaming.

Whereas traditionally the winner of a game would walk away with the jackpot, neither is the jackpot the only possible prize any more nor is the winner the only actual winner. Online casino sites are much more flexible in the casino payouts they offer and who they offer them to.

Take for instance the new freeroll tournament offered at one online casino site. The prize pool for the tournament is no less than $10,000. Gamblers play the slot game to build up as much cash as possible, as well as enter a ranking system that will qualify them for additional prizes. The online casino payouts at the tournament will go to no less than 288 finalists with the highest amount totals. The top ranked gambler will make $1,000.

Online casino sites also offer prizes other than cash. Payouts could include gifts, mainly electronic gadgets, but also vacation packages and more. The spread of online casino tournaments has brought about a change in jackpot culture. Entering the game, one does not know any longer what prize he will win (cash or other). He is not even required to come in first to win the prizes, as payouts go to many gamblers, all the time.

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