Online Casino Slots Rules

Published January 10, 2007 by OCR Editor

Online Casino Slots Rules

What we mean in the header is to bring you the rules of slots when played at online casinos, but the other reading that online casino games of slots rule is also acceptable by us. Slots have come a long way over their 100 years plus of existence. You too

Online casino sites offer several different versions of slot machines. Their appearance might differ, the themes they carry and other features but their rules are much the same. No matter what the slots are or the number of paylines is, the goal is to line up certain varying combinations. There is more than one winning combination, although some combinations pay more than others. Some pay much more. The jackpots depend on these two elements much more than on any differences in appearance. Payouts vary depending on the number of reels and symbols every online casino slot machine has.

Slot machines got much more exciting with the rise of the online casino sites and the invention of the progressive slot machines. Payouts are no longer predetermined. Unlike regular slot machines, in which one knows the amount one might win if the right combination comes out, with these new online casino games the jackpot grows at all times. The other difference one must take into consideration is that progressive slots are much more complex, as they often have five or more reels and anywhere between three and 20 paylines. Learn how many paylines you can bet on at every sitting and what option wagers you may place at every round.

Most important to remember when playing progressive slots at the online casino is that to be eligible for the entire jackpot, worth as many as several million dollars, one must bet the maximum number of paylines that the machine features. Additionally, the maximum wager must also be bet on every single spin, or at least on the one spin that hopefully will yield the winning combination. Then the online casino will make a millionaire out of you too.

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