Online Casino Sponsored Skimpy Event

Published October 8, 2005 by OCR Editor

Online Casino Sponsored Skimpy Event

What do lingerie models, full contact football and poker have in common? A well known poker online casino sponsored a team of models to play full contact football. Oh and they were wearing lingerie at the time of the game.

This is not the first time an online casino has sponsored a steamy event that is sure to raise eyebrows and turn a few heads. In fact there are several well known sites that built a reputation for pulling off stunts like this.

The Lingerie Bowl was originally supposed to be sponsored by Dodge cars but in the end they dropped out because it was considered bad for their brand. So Party Poker, one of the biggest online poker sites on the net jumped in to fill the sponsorship gap. Mitch Mortaza, in charge of putting on the event had this to say about the sponsorship: "It's refreshing to have a title sponsor that is decisive and does not allow a few radical groups to dictate how they spend their advertising dollars or with whom they partner."

The event began with a 15 minute fashion show and was followed by a game of football played by models clad only in skimpy lingerie. Although some may disagree with purpose of such a show, there can be no debate about the proceeds which were meant to go to the American Foundation for AIDS Research. But like Dodge, they too pulled out at the last minute. Only Party Poker stayed true to the cause. The event was simulcast both on television and on the internet. It likely generated lots of traffic to the sponsor of the show.

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