Online Casino Winners Hit New Level

Published February 3, 2007 by OCR Editor

Online Casino Winners Hit New Level

First, we hear from a friend or a friend of a friend about the adventures at online casinos. The games are great and There is money to be made are some of the stories we hear floating in the air.

Then we find ourselves in front of a computer one evening, perhaps bored of looking up our stocks at the financial sites or left with no emails to reply to. Wishing we could just play a card game or fly to a resort and pull the slots machine lever, we recall the adventures of our friend. We do it we look for a site to see what it is all about.

This is not the only way of joining, but it sure happens a lot. What else happens often, and is quite unthinkable at these first moments of gambling as well, is that we witness a winner in the making. For there is nothing stopping a gambler from becoming a winner, even a millionaire. Take the story of Andreas Maertens for example.

The 33 year old German participated in the inaugural backgammon tournament. He joined, optimistic, even when facing as many as ten former world champions. With an initial online bet of $440 Maertens stayed on, won game after game until winning the final 23-22 and taking home $640,000 dollars. Although an experienced poker and backgammon player at sites, the winner himself was amazed by his winning. "It doesn't get much better than this. How am I going to top this? I certainly didn't count myself as the best player here." He may have gotten the game of backgammon right, but as his own personal story shows us all, becoming a big time winner is very possible.

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