Online Casinos Focus on Female Gamblers

Published August 16, 2014 by Elana K

Online Casinos Focus on Female Gamblers

Many online casinos have begun to distinctly focus on female gamblers; these casinos tend to focus on bingo, slots and poker, and offer the promise of responsible fun as opposed to glitzy competition.

Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry, with an estimated 51% of the global population partaking in some sort of online gambling activity every year. And unlike some industries that predominantly appeal to either males or females, online gambling is just as attractive to both men and women alike. In fact, recent surveys in the UK show that 43% of online gamblers are female, a significant number which cannot be ignored.

Online Casino Games for Women

Studies show that while women do in fact play every type of casino game, they tend to gravitate more towards bingo, slots and poker. Europa Casino reports that over 60% of online bingo players are female, and suggests that the reason for this is the social element of the game, which online casinos encourage with quality chatting features.

Of course, slots is not known for being a social game, but conflicting studies suggest that women are more anxious than men when it comes to gambling; thus they choose to play a solitary game in which they don't have to worry about competing in a social atmosphere.

As for poker, a recent study conducted by International Game Technology shows that between 2012 and 2013, there was a 22% increase in female poker players online. Some say that the reason for this is that old-fashioned, land-based poker rooms were not made especially hospitable to women, but online gambling changed all that. Women can now participate in poker games without feeling like they are entering a “boys' club;” poker also provides the option of socializing.

Online Casinos: The Focus on Women

888 Ladies is an example of an online casino that focuses on women; it would be hard to mistake it for anything else with its pink and white background! In fact, the entire site has a different ambiance than other online casinos; while many home pages have flashy images showing attractive women in low-cut dresses (appealing to the male demographic!), 888 Ladies has a distinctly calmer feel, with the message that this is a safe environment where women can have fun and even win some money responsibly. 888 Ladies offers a number of classic casino games, but its main focus is bingo.

Pink Lady Casino is another online casino geared towards women – again, as its name implies! The site's color theme is pink, purple and white, with images of classy women socializing, contemplating wagers and generally enjoying themselves. Pink Lady offers all the perks of any online casino, including promotions, loyalty points, accessible customer support and a variety of casino games.

Maria Casino, while sporting a red background instead of pink, also has the same calm feeling that the previous two casinos have. While glitz and flash seem to be the predominant factors that appeal to men, calmness and serenity seem to be the factors that appeal to women in online gambling. Maria Casino focuses on slots, bingo and scratchcards, and also offers a live casino, which increases the social element of games such as roulette and blackjack.

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