Online Casinos Luck Comes in Pairs

Published November 23, 2006 by OCR Editor

Online Casinos Luck Comes in Pairs

Good things come in pairs. We were taught to believe this early in our childhood, and most of us would like to still believe this today. Well, it is hard to imagine anything better than winning giant jackpots at online casinos.

Now try to imagine it happening twice. Leah A., a slots player, has achieved the remarkable feat winning two jackpots on the same day, totaling $682,822.30 in prize money.

Back to back wins are rare, no doubt, but online casinos are entirely fair and everything can happen. That must have been what Leah thought to herself as she won her first progressive jackpot of $432,179.90. Although gamblers would typically pull out at this point, and spend some of this cash at a good restaurant, say, Leah did not settle for the sum. She stayed on longer at the Major Millions progressive slot game and three hours later she won another giant jackpot, this time of $250,000.

The secret of a truly good progressive jackpot lies in sites that are networked to it. This allows for the jackpot sum to rise to such amounts, and quickly rise again soon then after. Such was the case with the Major Millions game Leah played and won, a progressive jackpot developed by industry giant Microgaming. Leah A. was undoubtedly lucky to win - twice. Online, luck really comes in pairs.

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