Online Casinos Sic Bo Hot Game

Published April 29, 2006 by OCR Editor

Online Casinos Sic Bo Hot Game

The online casino game of sic bo is not as popular as craps but is very similar to it and is gaining popularity. Many online casinos offer sic bo and below is a basic explanation of the game. Sic bo is a game that is offered at many online casino sites, g

While craps uses a two-dice combination, sic bo uses three dice which makes this game even more exciting and challenging. Online casino sites offer the player the option to roll automatically by clicking the dice icon and the games board is presented for a player to place their bets. Because of the three dice combination, the online casinos offer a wide range of betting options.

Sic bo might be quite a new game to the online casino world but it is not a new game at all. The game originated in China and is an ancient Chinese dice game still played in many Asian countries. The game itself is simple, while the winning potential is great. Odds offered by online casino operators range from 1:1 to 150:1, depending on a player's betting combination. The online casino provides a full spectrum of betting options in order to maximize the potential of the three dice combinations.

The online casino presents the betting options to the players and these must be selected on the board/table. The wagers and payouts are reproduced on the gaming table and a player can wager on as many combinations as he wants. The dice are shaken (by the online casinos) and the outcome of each of the three dice is displayed. According to the results of the dice's combination, the winning sections of the board light up and a player is paid out accordingly. Look for sic bo at your favorite online casino.

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