Online Casinos to Improve Responsible Gambling With Top Tech

Published November 9, 2015 by Sol FH

Online Casinos to Improve Responsible Gambling With Top Tech

New predictive software creating an early warning for problem gamblers and gambling addiction.

The world of gambling is for the most part fun and an exciting experience. There are however, just as with all things, some people that take this fun to a level of addiction, which can lead to gambling habits that are very harmful to certain individuals. New software has been created to detect the early warning signs of problem gamblers so online casinos can deal with them responsibly and effectively.

The software can tell exactly when the player begins to show signs of problem gambling allowing casinos to engage in the issue and spearhead it before it's too late. Based on data shared from other players that had contacted casinos to either block or limit their access.

The software was developed by City University London in association with software analytics company Bet Buddy. The system is constantly taking data from all players in order to understand the finer points of problem gambling to ensure players are responsible and that casinos are doing everything they can to help.

Dr Artur Garcez of City University London relates, "Our aim has been to help BetBuddy test and refine their system so that it gives providers an effective way of predicting at an earlier stage self-exclusion as well as other signals or events that indicate harm in gambling. This enables customers to use online gambling platforms more securely and responsibly."

With the data in the hands of the casinos, operators can stop sending marketing emails and even contact the player personally to help them through the problem period and to seek help.

This new software is a blessing in the constant battle to fight gambling addiction and to ensure players are only in it for the fun and the thrill.


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