Online Gamblers Prefer Tea and Coffee, Survey Finds

Published September 18, 2013 by OCR Editor

Online Gamblers Prefer Tea and Coffee, Survey Finds finds out some interesting truths about online gambling demographic

Common perceptions about the British online gambling demographic are far from the truth, a recent player questionnaire by, one of the country's leading online casino operators, has found.

Tea, Not Martini

Gamblers are far more likely to drink tea or coffee than to sip on a James Bond-style vodka martini, the survey found. A staggering 75.3 percent of Gala Casino members admitted to always, often or occasionally drinking tea or coffee, while 79.1% said they enjoy drinking soft drinks. In comparison, just 49.3% drink beer, 41.1% drink wine, and 36.% enjoy drinking other alcoholic beverages.

Players clearly enjoy the comfort of being able to play casino games from their own home. Some 73% said they always, often or occasionally watch TV while playing, and 88.9% put on background music at least some of the time. And 36% even admitted to lighting up a cigarette during their visits to the online casino, which they can clearly do without having to worry about security approaching them.

Players Like Physical Prizes

Another surprising result from the survey was the revelation that 63.4% of players prefer tangible prizes such as laptops, 3D television, iPhones, iPods, iPads and cameras over money-based bonuses like deposit matches and cashback. Just 8.5 of customers said they were not interested in physical prizes. As for cash-based bonuses, 44.3% said they prefer a 100 capped Welcome Bonus, and 48.1% said they like the 20% cash back offer.

However, when it came to payment methods, an overwhelming 88.4% of GalaCasino respondents agreed that an easy to use bankroll system that allows members to make quick, simple and (most importantly) secure deposits via a broad range of reputable financial institutions was essential.

Most Are Happy

The most important result from the survey, as far as the newly revamped staff are concerned, was that 83.7% of polled respondents were more than happy with their online gambling experience there.

Gala is the UK's third largest gaming firm, boasting 25 land-based casinos around the country in addition to its redesigned online platform. And with the results of the survey, don't be surprised to see them offer a bit more of the home comforts like tea and coffee over the glitz and lights of Las Vegas.

Whatever comes next, the online casino will continue to provide more than 300 state of the art slots and table games, given that over 80% of its customers approved the site design, game selection and game play.

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