Online Gambling Availability around the World

Published May 19, 2015 by Hila K

Online Gambling Availability around the World

The status of online gambling availability around the world and what players should do to assure that they are playing safely and legally.

With millions of players all around the world, online gambling has made great strides in the last few years. The advent of mobile and new and improved technologies has made casinos accessible for people who had always wanted but never gotten the chance to experience brick and mortar casinos.

Similarly, sports punters, scratch card and lottery players have discovered the ease and comfort of playing their favorite games straight from home with the help of online sports bookies, online lottery ticket agents and the likes.

Access around the World

With that info in mind, it's confounding to think that over 50 percent of people in the world are actually banned from using online casinos in their own countries. Only 60 countries license online gambling and let their citizens play online nowadays.

This info which was collected and analyzed by online casino database KeyToCasino, shines some interesting light on the availability of online casinos around the globe. The research analyzes gambling laws in 225 countries and territories, in an effort to try and to produce a general picture of online gambling access around the world.

Draconian Laws

The research shows disparity in the online gambling laws of many countries, and draconian laws which, in many examples, give exemptions to foreign operators but weigh heavily on local ones. This also stems from the lack of resources some countries have to battle the foreign operators.

keytocasino CEO, Olena Prachenko, research coordinator, the co-founder of the company, has a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland says:

"It was interesting to find the differences between the laws for online and land-based casinos within the same country. A number of countries where brick and mortar casinos are perfectly legal ban online gambling. Conversely, in Norway land-based casinos are not allowed, but online casinos are licensed and regulated".

Gambling Availability Score

KeyToCasino assigned the countries with a "Gambling Availability Score", with a maximum of 1000 allocated points rating how open a country is to online gambling. The score and other useful categories such as number of casinos, casino law info, blocks and sources are available in an extensive list that can be sorted for the user's liking.

The results are interesting: The three highest scoring countries with 960 points are Andorra, Chile and Venezuela, while the three lowest rated countries are France, Iran and the United States at the very bottom of the list. While online gambling is regulated in three US states, the data relates to the fact that the greater part of Americans simply cannot gamble online.

How to Play Legally

Ultimately, player's abilities to gamble online depend on the laws of their respective countries. Some countries enforce stricter laws than orders, leaving loopholes and treating online gamblers differently; some do nothing at all while others impose criminal penalties.

If you are unsure about the online gambling laws in your country, we urge you to check to be certain. Check our Online Gambling Legality guide which lays out the status of online gambling regulation over an interactive world map. If you are completely new, consult our extensive online gambling guides and online casino school where you can get a better idea of how online casinos work and how to find yourself inside this world.


Credits to and Olena Prachenko, keytocasino's CEO for supplying their research to create this article.

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