Online Gambling in South Africa

Published September 28, 2008 by OCR Editor

Online Gambling in South Africa

Rather than fighting a losing battle, the Government of South Africa has decided to bite the bullet and open the doors to online gambling on its territory.

Interactive Internet gambling, long banned in South Africa, is now set to burst onto the stage. Recent legal action has moved the South African Government to embrace the idea of legalized online gambling. This approach, which is becoming the standard practice for most countries in the West, is seen as more preferable to the total lack of regulation that exists at present.

In addition to creating a new source of tax revenue, government regulation will ensure that the new online casinos provide fair gambling practice to the South African populace. While much cross-border gambling does occur, the government believes that regulation will put an end to such illegal activity, bringing this wealth bearing sector under direct government control.

One of key weapons that the government intends to employ is advertising. Currently, no gambling advertising is permitted inside the country. However, under the new legislation, legalized South African online casinos will be able to promote their services nationwide, which the cross-border casinos will be unable to do.

The time frame for the new legislation is approximately 12 months, during which time the main players, including the country's land-based casinos will be jockeying for position. The land-based casinos, such as the ones in Sun City in the country's North West province, may decide to delve into cyberspace themselves. This is certain to increase competition, which can only be a good thing for the long-deprived South African gamblers.

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