Online Gambling Regulation and Rules

Published March 6, 2010 by OCR Editor

Online Gambling Regulation and Rules

In a legal internet gambling environment, who sets the rules and who offer operating licenses?

The online gambling regulatory environment differs not only from country to country but from region to region and there are generally speaking three main approaches.

The first approach is to restrict or even prohibit online gambling altogether. This is the route being taken by the United States.  Fortunately this is the less common position as governments generally recognise that it leaves players, who will inevitably play at offshore sites, unprotected and without legal recourse from rouge online casinos and online poker rooms.

The second and more liberal approach that has been adopted by countries such the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland, is to establish a regulated online gambling environment. Today, the UK is leading the way to ensure that online gambling remains a choice but does not become a threat to others. Such control allows for safe and effective online betting.

The final method of which Gibraltar is a shining example is to have an open and welcoming attitude towards the online gambling industry. Gibraltar has the highest number of gambling transactions probably thanks to its low taxation. Only companies that can prove gambling experience, are licensed in a reputable jurisdiction and have a solid financial position are eligible to receive a license.

Within the European Union, there is great inconsistency (and perhaps even greater confusion) about online casino legality as member states are free to decide for them themselves how they will handle online gambling. Some member states have opted to tightly control the gambling sector to ensure that it is run responsibly and that the risk of harm is minimized. Other countries have chosen to allow online casinos to operate in within their territory but have banned them from providing services to their own citizens.

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