Online Gambling Sites Blocked in UK for Being Too Sexy

Published January 28, 2015 by Vlad G

Online Gambling Sites Blocked in UK for Being Too Sexy

A big part of the top 100,000 UK websites blocked by recently introduced anti-porn filters.

Players from the UK looking to place some wagers online now have a few extra hoops to jump through as several of the leading website have been found “too sexy” by the Internet Service Providers.

In July last year, David Cameron revealed his plans to block websites that contain adult-themed content in order to prevent children from easily accessing pornographic or violent material via the internet. Users who would want to access such content would be required to get in contact with their ISP directly and request for the block to be removed. Two of the providers, Talk Talk and Sky Broadband, already have introduced their new filtering systems to new subscribers, while BT Broadband is still consulting on the idea.

One Fifth of Sites Blocked By Filters

Forbes recently released reports indicating that almost one fifth of the most popular 100,000 sites used in the UK are now being blocked by at least one provider. This includes websites that don’t have any connection to the targeted “adult” content that the new regulations are aiming to hide behind a tall virtual wall.

The over-zealous filters used by the ISPs have blacklisted websites across a variety of fields and impact the activity of legitimate companies that get a big chunk of their income from online advertising.

Gambling Websites Blocked in the UK

Several of the leading online gambling and poker websites were found on the “blocked” list by one or several ISPs, with Bet365 Casino coming back as the sexiest of the bunch and with four providers denying access to the website in a small experiment done to test the impact of the filters.

So far, the new systems have not been introduced amongst all UK online users but this is scheduled to happen by the end of the year. Hopefully, the massive problems with the filters will be worked out by then.

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