Online Gambling Sites Fight Addiction

Published March 22, 2015 by Lee R

Online Gambling Sites Fight Addiction

Online gambling sites are adding effective programming to their sites to prevent addiction.

March Madness is a wondrous time for online betting: 64 teams, 67 consistently thrilling elimination games playing around the clock; a huge bonus for picking the champion--the nirvana of modern-day one-click sports betting.

When Madness Turns to Addiction

However, to sports fans and non-sports fans alike, this amount of stimulation can also be addicting, and one has to remain careful that addiction does not overwhelm one's pocketbook.

As much as the industry loves the NCAA tournament, no one wants anyone entangled in a cycle of disproportionate and costly betting. Problem betting behaviour remains an unfortunate reflection on what remains primarily a fun and safe activity.

Gambling Sites Fight Addiction?

Gambling and responsibility are not contradictory terms. In the online gaming industry, they are rapidly becoming synonymous, as gambling sites provide increasingly progressive support for addiction.

Gambling does not make addicts. Addictive personality disorders make addicts. Gambling organizations today are putting their best feet forward to participate as equal community partners in the fight against gambling addiction, with the type of support that draws on psychological as well as behavioral science to prevent or self-detect addiction.

Financial Woes for Addicts

Today, gambling remains one of the most prominent, if not the most prominent, forms of addiction.  Online addiction support group Lifeline Central West identifies the emergence of online gaming as one of the organization's biggest challenges for 2015.

LCW says that its help line is seeing more and more calls from people experiencing financial problems as a result of online gaming. The online option brings the availability of gambling right to one's home. However, help is just as close.

Ethical Online Promotion

From state regulators to gambling websites, the biggest proponents of online gambling are also taking the most active roles in fighting addiction.

In one of the few states in the US currently allowing online gaming, the New Jersey government recently launched a new service through its Division of Gaming Enforcement. The state's Online Gaming Self-Exclusion Registration enables citizens to voluntarily remove themselves from online gambling activities for a period of one or five years.

On a smaller scale, online gambling and betting sites provide both direct support lines as well as preventative information for users to monitor their own behaviour to avoid falling prey to addiction. Further, online gambling providers such as BETAT Casino and Winner Casino offer self-test quizzes for users to determine if their gambling qualifies as problem behaviour before the addiction consumes them. Gambling sites have their own "self-exclusion" programs as well.

March Support

March Madness is certainly a profitable time for online sports bettors.  However, those who benefit the most from gambling behaviour also serve as among the best resources for addiction support.  In a perfect world efficient, responsible support from online betting and gambling providers certainly has the potential to curb addiction worldwide.  March Madness is as good a time as any to self-test for addiction.  Today, all gamblers can test themselves in the exact same place where they bet.     

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