Online Lottery Tickets - Now Also In USA

Published March 12, 2012 by OCR Editor

Online Lottery Tickets - Now Also In USA

An Illinois committee this week approved selling Powerball lottery tickets online.

The Illinois Senate Executive Committee last week approved a bill to allow the state to sell Powerball tickets online - in the hope that easier access will expand the customer base and revenue.

US State Lottery Online

Senator Jeff Schoenberg, who initiated the bill, originally designed it to direct revenue toward Illinois' more than $8 billion in debts. But he altered it at the last minute to direct revenues toward school and capital programs, as is the case with other lottery games.

The move was made possible last year when the US Department of Justice ruled that states could authorize certain types of Internet gambling from within their own borders. The Illinois Lottery and other state officials have argued for years that the state should be allowed to sell Powerball, MegaMillion and Lotto tickets online.

Online Lotteries - More Convenient

New online lotteries are popping up on the web all the time - from Italy to the UK to Canadian provinces and US states - as legislators alter regulations to adapt to the changing environment.

Creating a lottery ticket online is generally free and quick to do, and then allows you to purchase tickets for any lottery. Recommended online lottery ticket sellers provide a safe and secure method of purchasing tickets to competitions from around the world, and tailor the service to ensure you a ticket to your favorite lotteries.

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