Online Poker Doco Raises Money With Kickstarter

Published June 10, 2013 by OCR Editor

Online Poker Doco Raises Money With Kickstarter

BET RAISE FOLD has raised $20,000 in funding from crowdfunding site.

The producers of BET RAISE FOLD, a new documentary aiming to clear online poker's image, have turned to crowdfunding site Kickstarter in an effort to raise funds.

$20k Target Achieved

The target goal of $20,000 was met at the start of June, but with the fundraising campaign set to continue until the end of the month the producers are already estimating they will come out with a total budget of at least $24k.

As is the case with most Kickstarter fundraising efforts, the minimum pledge for the BET RAISE FOLD doco is $1, with donors set to reap dividends ranging from as little as a digital copy of the film to as much as $10,000, the title of "poker god" in the film credits and the title of executive producer on its IMDB page.

Rebuilding Poker's Image

The filmmakers stated on their Kickstarter site that they are producing the documentary in order to rebuild online poker's image and to help it emerge from "a dark time" in which it was banned by US lawmakers, targeted by the US Justice Department and attacked by anti-gaming lobbyists.

In their words, "One of the major goals of our film is to tear down misconceptions that the general public has about poker and online poker. Our film humanizes professional poker players and reveals the truth about poker culture, poker strategy, the poker community, and the incredible passion so many people have for the game."

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