Online Poker Workout

Published December 28, 2005 by OCR Editor

Online Poker Workout

Online poker involves playing against other players in real time. This is why the only way to practice poker is by playing against actual players and not computer generated numbers.

Poker is a game of skill which is acquired through practice. The trouble is that no online casino can recreate tournament conditions in practice mode. Unlike online casinos games such as roulette or blackjack where you play against the dealer, poker involves playing against other online casino players. This is why the only way to practice poker is by playing against actual players. Even though the online casino offers you the opportunity to hone your poker skills by playing in fun mode (where there is no money involved), it does not allow you to go up against other poker players.

There used to be two ways to practice multiplayer poker; playing offline with your friends, or playing for real money at the online casino. Now there is a third way! A revolutionary online casino poker product called Poker Academy Professional 2 has recently entered the market. Essentially, this is a computer simulator designed to help online casino players to iron out all the kinks in their game. One could argue that the online casino is also a poker simulator. As we explained earlier, the online casino software does not allow practicing multiplayer poker with wagering money this product does!

Online casino players using this software can practice their poker skills while facing poker bots´. A poker bot is an automated piece of software designed to mimic the action of actual human poker players you meet at the online casino or anywhere else for that matter. You can manually adjust the setting of these bots to resemble the level of aggressiveness you wish to simulate. The product is meant to serve as a training tool. As such, online casino players are not required to deposit money in order to play against other players.

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