Online Slots Payout Table

Published September 12, 2005 by OCR Editor

Online Slots Payout Table

When you pick the slot machine you wish to play at the online casino, it's always a good idea to check out the machine's payout table.

When examining the payout table at different online casinos, you'll notice that there are several columns indicating what the machine's payout will be when betting a certain amount of coins. For instance, the first column will indicate payout for betting one coin, the second for betting two coins, and the last for betting the maximum allowed number of coins at the online casino.

It is also recommended that before you settle down on a particular slot machine at the online casino, that you first review the online casino payout report, specifically the current payout rate for slots game. For argument sake, let's assume that the online casino payout rate for slot games is 96%. This figure pertains suggests that the online casino pays out 96% of the money wagered by the players. It's important that you understand that this doesn't mean that you stand a 96% chance of winning when playing slots games at the online casino.

Another important tool for estimating the payout for a specific slot game at the online casino is the denomination of coins accepted by the machine. Higher denomination, mean a higher payout. So if you can swing it, playing the $5 is much more lucrative than the $1 machines.

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