Online Sportsbooks Prep for Upcoming Floyd Mayweather Fight this Fall

Published August 14, 2015 by Florin P

Online Sportsbooks Prep for Upcoming Floyd Mayweather Fight this Fall

Floyd Mayweather expects to hit another milestone in his illustrious career on September 12th, and online sportsbooks and sports punters are at the ready.

The last time Floyd Mayweather stepped inside the ring, the entire boxing world held its breath, as he took on Manny Pacquiao. The fight of the century was one of the most anticipated sports events of the year and dozens of non-boxing fans watched the game live. With Bet365 and other bookmakers covering the event, the fight turned into a huge online gambling event with millions of sports punters placing bets.

Floyd Mayweather Takes the Easy Way Out

After defeating Pacquiao and securing the 48th victory, it became clear that Floyd will return to the ring at least once more. Another victory will help him tie Rocky Marciano for the lead and it is only natural to assume that Mayweather won’t stop here.

Pacquiao was the only one capable of defeating him but he is mending his injury, so Floyd had to take on another boxer. Andre Berto is a better than average athlete, with a 30-3 record and 23 Kos, but he will start as a huge underdog against Mayweather. Bet365 offers odds of 16/1 on Andre causing a huge upset in Vegas, while Floyd is priced at 1/80.

The 48th Victory Comes at a Price

The interest for the Pacquiao vs Mayweather match was tremendous and people were willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to watch it live. Huge amounts were wagered and there was no shortage of punters backing the underdog at a tempting price of 2/1.

Manny lost the match and there were some who questioned his willingness to fight and even advanced the theory of a staged match. With hundreds of millions on the table and a huge online gambling event set up, any scenario goes and the shockwaves sent by the May event are still reverberating in the betting market. The upcoming match will surely appeal to boxing fans, but the truly fascinating match is probably going to be the Floyd’s 50th fight.

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