Oops, I Earned $1.4 Million

Published November 15, 2003 by OCR Editor

Oops, I Earned $1.4 Million

The Las Vegas Sands casino company has sued Umar Siddiqui for keeping more than $1.4 million the casino says it wired to him by mistake.

According to the lawsuit, Siddiqui has suggested that he has no plans to return the money. Last Friday, Santa Clara County Judge William Elfing signed a preliminary injunction freezing Siddiqui's bank account, saying he should not use the money until the matter can go to trial.

The company, which owns the Venetian hotel-casino, refuses to talk about the case. No one is saying why the money was sent to Siddiqui's account, although one source suggested it may have been a line of gambling credit.

What is clear from the lawsuit is this: The Sands has sued Siddiqui to return funds inadvertently' deposited by electronic transfer to his Citibank account. For whatever reason, the Nevada corporation had legitimately agreed to wire $1.435 million to him.

The problem is that from a separate Bank of America account, the company wired him a duplicate $1.435 million, which Siddiqui has refused to return, according to the suit.

The court papers say the Las Vegas Sands and Venetian marketing corporation wanted to freeze Siddiqui's account before he could drain it. And, in legal documents, it said he's already used a portion of the money and is worried creditors could attach or encumber the money.

Siddiqui's home was unlighted this week and no one responded at the door. A neighbor described him as a private man who travels a lot, has several homes and only lives in Palo Alto part time.

Two attorneys for the Sands -- one in San Francisco and one in Las Vegas -- declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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