Optimove Integrates with Google's DoubleClick for Improved Customer Retention Marketing

Ivan P. - August 25, 2016

Israeli customer marketing specialist Optimove integrated with Google Ads with a goal of providing better customer targeting and retention.

Israeli company Optimove, one of the leading Customer Marketing Clouds, entered a partnership agreement with the internet tech giant Google. Integrating their technology with DoubleClick by Google, the company aims to achieve better customer engagement as well as much higher retention rates using highly personalized ads dispatched via various Google media platforms.

Individual Approach to Increase Advertising Effectiveness

In the PR announcing the integration, Pin Yakuel, CEO of Optimove, emphasized that the biggest challenge for those running paid advertising campaigns has been determining customer groups to include in specific ad campaigns. Furthermore, tracking and constantly updating lists of audiences is a comprehensive task which will be significantly facilitated using the Optimove's technology.

The information gathered using the platform will allow for granular marketing strategies, targeted at much smaller groups based on their online activities. The data is constantly updated in the Optimove's system, providing clients with the most recent and relevant info.

The Optimove's success comes largely due to their experimental approach to marketing. Every campaign is conducted as a sort of an experiment, where all gathered information and feedback is analyzed in detail and used to improve future campaigns. The company integrated with Facebook Custom Audiences in 2014 and that integration proved a great success.

Personalized Ads in Online Gambling?

This type of approach to marketing and customer retention is something online casinos would be particularly interested in as it would enable them to not only target their ads but to also measure their effectiveness.

At this point in time we can't say with certainty what the integration will look like but Optimove is on the rise and they will certainly not back away from a challenge.

The company already cooperates with some of the gaming giants like Caesar’s Entertainment, Amaya, and Zynga. There is no doubt that these Optimove’s business partners will be finding ways to profit from this latest strategic deal with Google.



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