Optimove’s Optibot Gives Marketers the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Published October 9, 2016 by Mike P

Optimove’s Optibot Gives Marketers the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence could soon be part of online gambling, with Optimove recently launching its Optibot application.

A new form of software has been developed that could revolutionize how goods and services are tailored to the needs of customers in all manner areas, including music, gaming, online gambling, and more. Optimove is the company behind the newly developed technology, having amassed considerable experience in using cloud technology to develop online marketing campaigns.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence

The new technology is called Optibot, with its purpose being used to enhance customer relationship management (CRM) to better meet their needs. Quite simply, the process will depend on giving artificial intelligence to machines, with a view to learning customer preferences. Using that knowledge, Optibot users can then apply the data to their marketing campaigns and improve their connections with customers.

Optibot uses probability-theory algorithms with a view to unveiling clear insights that can be applied by its users. For instance, one beneficial will outcome will be companies using the insights to help turn around struggling marketing campaigns, or to design fresh campaigns that succeed from the word “Go”.

The groundbreaking CRM technology holds great promise, as Optimove has said the application will have the ability to even identify when a campaign is not working for a specific demographic. As a result, marketers can then design smaller, more focused campaigns to meet the specialised needs of individual demographics.

Online Gambling Potential

Optimove is in a strong position to revolutionize CRM technology, having worked with some of the world’s most impressive, customer-facing brands to launch during the internet age. Some of the standout companies include Happy Socks, Outbrain, and Deezer. Meanwhile, bwin.party is a name directly related to online gambling.

Moving forward, it seems that online gambling operators will have the potential to improve their customer communications by using a CRM system that utilises artificial intelligence. As such, operators can potentially figure out how to improve their offerings so that they are more likely to meet players’ needs.

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