Overview: Keeping an Eye on How Tech Evolves the Booming iGaming Industry

Published September 17, 2021 by Lee R

Overview: Keeping an Eye on How Tech Evolves the Booming iGaming Industry

The industry needs to keep track of the foundation of growth that tech has provided.

The establishment of online gambling almost a decade ago created a technological revolution in the gaming industry.

Specific Technological Drivers

Awareness of specific leading ways that online gambling has changed since the rise of the internet lead to effective anticipation of future development.

Online Accessibility

The rise of iGaming has paralleled the rise of the internet, with online accessibility a major driver of positive growth.

Remote Play

PC and mobile access have facilitated ease of use for players, avoiding the costs, hassles and effort of going to physical casinos, as conveniences which have an obvious appeal to many. The progression of internet technology from 1G to 5G has incrementally optimised and streamlined ease and speed of use. More positive adaptations from internet technology are sure to follow.


Modern technology as improved safety features for online players as well, from secure payments to self-exclusion system and warning to players who are demonstrating problematic gambling behavior.

Licensing Operators to Protect Players

The licensing system that has arisen across jurisdictions is highly cohesive and increasingly uniform in requires safe practices for all license holders serving online payers as well.

Engagement of Players

Technology also affords online players the highest quality and engagement of games, with the wide range of games available online continuously yielding new and increasingly exciting casino games.

Developer Opportunities

On the other side of the interaction, modern technology is creating endless opportunities for game developers to implement their creativity and acumen across ever-increasing companies, with more revelations in content and user experience in the works all the time.

Mobile Play

Mobile gaming is of course a massive factor, with the conveniences of not going to the physical casino now amplified through the increasing use of the mobile, and mobile technology that facilitates. Playing games through a smartphone instead of a PC is the most significant technological development for online play convenience.


These developments may seem obvious to some, but considered together provide a full context for the driving factors in growing and expanding the online gaming industry today and moving forward. The engagement factors and levels on the mobile phones look to be the main but not only development in the next stage of expansion.

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