Partnering with Beer Company

Published March 3, 2007 by OCR Editor

Partnering with Beer Company

When the industry started going global, companies merging and takeovers making headlines on a daily basis, no one really saw this coming. It made business sense for online casinos to find partners around the world and establish themselves as international

One online casino joining hands with another. But for the sites to partner with beer companies? Now that's a first. Nevertheless it has happened, and is sure to make some gamblers very happy.

A gambling company from the Philippines, one of the largest in the country, Pagcor, has joined with the famous Spanish beer company San Miguel. The company offers its games at gaming stations. These are outlets that have some ten or more computers where the games can be played. Now, not only will the games be available at these locations, but so will be free San Miguel beer. The stations are open 24 hours a day, and are widely popular all over the country. There are over 30 such stations by now and profits are on an increase.

Now it might even grow in popularity, as the online casino stations will be spots for middle of the night gaming and beer drinking for free. Companies who offer such on-site gaming can be creative and competitive in what they offer free to their players and members. Free beer is certainly a shot in the right direction, as any demographic study of the customers will surely show that the average gambler enjoys drinking beer. More so, certainly, if it is free. So what will be offered free next? Look forward for a chaser to follow your beer or look behind you for a masseuse to rub your neck.

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