Pennsylvania Considers iGaming Regulation: Hearing Today

Published April 16, 2015 by Lee R

Pennsylvania Considers iGaming Regulation: Hearing Today

With California out, Pennsylvania's is the last best hope for new iGaming 2015 adoption.

Can Pennsylvania bring the online gambling movement forward for US states in 2015?

First of Three iGaming Proposals

That is the new question on the table, especially with progressive California firmly out of the picture for at least another year.

Pennsylvania is the lone US hope for regulated online poker this year, and Thursday Harrisburg lawmakers will discuss H.B. 649, the proposal of Rep. John Payne, as the first of three online poker bills set to be considered this year.

The state of Pennsylvania will consider the social and economic benefits of regulation of online poker, which Poker Players Alliance’s John Pappas says can “provide Pennsylvania players with what they deserve—access to an established online gaming marketplace with clear and strong state laws and enforcements.”

A strong model for online gaming of any kind, by any state, goes a long way towards familiarizing and conditioning other states to take note of how they too may with a practical regulation model harness perceived and demonstrated benefits of online poker that three other states including New Jersey are already enjoying in the US.

Supporting Stance Affirmed

Pennsylvania's open and ambitious stance was further solidified earlier in the week when the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee passed H.R. 140 in support of federal acceptance and endorsement of online gambling.

The resolution calls for Congress to defeat the federal Restoration of the Wire Act, a federal interpretation which would other wise serve to prohibit states from legalizing and regulating online gambling. Calling for the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation to defeat Sheldon Adelson's federal RAWA bill establishes Pennsylvania's official state position as firmly in favor of the adaptation of online gambling and poker legislation.

While this represents merely one vote out of 50 at the federal level, it certainly represents strong local support for the exercise by Pennsylvania of its own state's right to adopt legislation that will legalize and regulate state-sponsored online poker.

At this point, the iGaming industry can only watch with baited breath.

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