Pennsylvania: The Next State with Online Gambling?

Published May 15, 2014 by OCR Editor

Online Gambling study is about to get started; gambling in Pennsylvania could be closer than once thought.

With online gambling such a hot topic in the US now all news on the subject makes the headlines.  This week it was the announcement that the House Gaming Oversight Committee (HGOC) in Pennsylvania have requested a hearing to discuss online gambling in the state.  The hearing would consist of topics covering policy, social impact, regulation, technology and consumer protection.  With profits in states like New Jersey and Nevada soaring in the industry the prospect of new legislation legalizing online gaming and poker could be a few months away in Pennsylvania. 

The pioneering state representatives whom called for the hearing are Tina Davis (D-Bucks) and Rosita Youngblood (D-Phila). They have obviously recognized the opportunity that online gambling poses for the state and will act as co-chairs for the hearing.


The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) has already voiced some concerns and recommendations that could, for better or for worse, affect the potential online industry in the state.  Although they believe that online gambling would simply be an extension of the brick and mortar gambling there today, they have also voiced that if online gambling is to be approved they would advocate that only existing licensee's be approved for online approval.  There are currently 12 casino operators in Pennsylvania but whether or not additional licenses would be given following the potential approval of online gambling is still a mystery.   

Online Gambling looks inevitable in many of the US states in the next few years and many in the industry applaud the state for seriously considering the impact therein.  It could be sooner than once thought that the offerings of the biggest online gambling operators in the world can be found online in the state of Pennsylvania.

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