Playing the Slots

Published August 30, 2005 by OCR Editor

Playing the Slots

Slots is a game that is enjoyed my millions of people at online casinos and land based casinos every day. The reason slots is so popular is because it is easy to play and very straight forward.

Many people who play online casino games enjoy the simplicity of slots games.  When playing slots at an online casino it isn't possible to have much influence over how the reels (also called dials) are set in motion. At a real land based casino usually a lever or arm is pulled but at the online casino you simply click a button with your mouse.  

Here are some strategies players have come up with in order to try to sway the slots machines at the casinos. They are not necessarily likely to help you win at casino gambling but they may be worth a shot:

The slow slot pull
One technique sometimes used when playing slots is the slow pull.  Find a slots machine, insert the proper amount of money and pull the handle forward as slowly as possible until the reels are engaged. At this point you can either let the handle return on its own or you pull it back to the original position. This is not guaranteed to do anything but some players believe it is lucky.

The end Yank
Pull the handle slowly downward and just before you reach the end of the pull you tug the handle hard and let it go. Again, some players find this action helps the reels in motion.

Chatting the slot machine
This may sound comical but if you go to any big Las Vegas casino you will see a number of people talking, pleading, begging and even singing to their slots machines. It is a strategy based on the superstition of persuasion but some people fee that it must be done to help the machine land on the jackpot.

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