Playtech Capturing Virtual Sports Footage at Warner Bros

Published July 8, 2015 by Mike P

Playtech Capturing Virtual Sports Footage at Warner Bros

Playtech is using a Warner Bros studio to perform three weeks of motion capture to further enhance its virtual sports platform.

News has reached the press of Playtech’s decision to book three weeks with a Warner Bros studio to record fresh footage to enhance its virtual sports betting experience. Playtech had revealed virtual sports back in February, but the Warner Bros filming began just a few days ago at the start of July.

Playtech’s revealed that a new version of its football simulation would be released, alongside other virtual sports, on desktop, mobile, and retail platforms. A number of other virtual sports are currently available at participating sites, with examples including horse racing, tennis, basketball, cycling, and greyhounds.

Virtual sports enable bettors to place wagers on simulated games that have been developed using motion capture technology normally associated with blockbuster Hollywood movies. Thanks to the realism of motion capture technology, bettors can now seek out a realer than real virtual sports experience.

Playtech Investing Heavily in Virtual Sports

Playtech has spared no expense in developing its virtual sports platform, having ensured that customers can bet in play while listening to commentaries performed in their local language. That expansive approach to developing the platform could help to blur the lines with real-life sports betting for some customers.

In performing the motion capture with Warner Bros, Playtech called upon the services of professional athletes as part of a drive for authenticity. Having such a refined offering gave Playtech the confidence to declare at ICE 2015 that it would deliver the ultimate virtual sports experience. A few months later and it would appear that Playtech is still prepared to go above and beyond for virtual sports.

Championing new innovation for the benefit of the customer is certainly admirable, but can virtual sports every really take off next to genuine sports? Looking at Playtech powered sportsbooks at operators such as Winner Casino, it feels that this new discipline certainly has potential.

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