Poker Alliance Awards Congress Scores

Published December 31, 2008 by OCR Editor

Poker Alliance Awards Congress Scores

Ratings website allows poker supporters to access report card for their local congressman or senator.

The Poker Players Alliance's Congressional Ratings Website,, is designed to aid advocacy efforts for the poker and gambling community.

The Website allows user to enter their zip code to find the Poker Player Alliance's ratings for their local U.S. senators or congressmen.

According to the guide, a congressman receives an A+ if they have actively worked to protect poker rights. An A is achieved for being a supporter of online poker rights (co-sponsor of HR 2046, HR 2610, supporter of HR 5767 and/or HR 6870). An A- is achieved for voting against the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act (the bill that became the UIGEA) without taking any other action.

A legislator receives a B for co-sponsoring HR 2610 (the Internet gaming study bill) and/or signing a pro-online poker UIGEA regulation comment to a federal agency.

Getting a D means the legislator voted for HR 4411, but took no other action. F and F- obviously fall into the category of opposing online poker rights either passively or actively, while a question mark means the congressman has no voting record on the matter.

Data is more limited for senators, hence why far more senators than congressman receive a question mark as their grade.

An A means the senator signed a UIGEA letter in favor of the PPA. The 10 senators who voted against Sen. Kyle's anti-gambling 474* all receive A +.

Once again, an F is given to the high number of legislators either co-sponsoring ant-Internet gaming legislation or working actively against gambling (or what the PPA call "anti-poker extremists)".

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