Poker Software Helps Online Casino Players

Published February 23, 2006 by OCR Editor

Poker Software Helps Online Casino Players

If you are a fan of online casino poker gaming then you may be interested in some great new software from Poker Academy. When it comes to poker they know their stuff. You'd be hard pressed to find an online casino on the net that does not offer up poker g

Poker is so popular that tournaments, celebrities and even movies are all being based on this game. Based on that, it's no wonder that there is an extraordinary amount of online casino poker software on the net.

Kurt Lange of the Poker Academy has been pushing the new software for online casino players. "Our new version of Poker Academy Pro delivers that in spades. Players can design, simulate and save tourney structures from their favorite local casino or online poker site. We have empowered them with the tools to train to win without taking any risk." If you are into online casino poker, than this software is for you.

Said a spokesman for the online casino software company: "The release of Poker Academy Pro 2.5 software is another milestone for our poker software company. Our poker software developers enjoy every day pride themselves on enhancing the features and world renowned artificial intelligence that goes into our online casino games in unimaginable ways, ways that based on customer research truly benefit the lives of Texas Hold'em players and online casino fans around the world.

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