Problem Gamblers Take To VLT Machines

Published November 3, 2002 by OCR Editor

Problem Gamblers Take To VLT Machines

The new video lottery terminals {VLT} have reportedly helped in preventing problematic obsessive gamblers from entering the realm of addiction.

A new study conducted by Nova Scotia's gaming firm, shows that the cautionary signals on the gaming machines have succeeded to alert the potentially problematic player.

After buying the new equipment, the Canadian province mounted a few more cautionary signals to the machine. Among the new features added, are an automatic cash-out button and a clock showing the amount of time elapsed from the start of the persons playing time. Last Friday, Julia Watt from the gaming company noted that the added clock feature showing the players duration time seems to be the most helpful element.

Presently, the clock signals after a 60 minute time period. However, Miss Watt stated that the warning clocks will start to signal earlier than programmed, signaling after 30 minute durations. The study also revealed that forty percent of gamblers who participated in the review agreed that the clock feature did in fact assist in controlling their obsessive gambling activities. Though, the study also revealed that albeit players minded their time at the machines, it didn't affect the amount of money put in. Miss Watt believes that as the study shows, one can only assume that a larger scale of players have been taking to the new VLT machines.

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