Promotional Ads Banned In Lithuania

Published July 23, 2021 by Sol FH

Promotional Ads Banned In Lithuania

Lithuania gambling promotions were banned as of July 1, as regulations hit local operators.

The Lithuanian Gambling Commission came into formation exactly 20 years prior to the decision to ban gambling promotions advertising, July 1, 2021. It seems fitting that the regulator would enforce such a helpful piece of regulation on its 20th anniversary.

Lithuania announced back in May 2021, its decision to ban the "promotion of gambling in any form and by any means, dissemination of information or persuasion”.

It is still permitted to advertise gambling, but, as of July 1, promotional ads such as special events, bonuses, test games, discounts, gifts, and all else that markets for gambling are strictly prohibited.

Moreover, all information that relates to gambling in any way, on websites that target minors will not be allowed to be published. 

No gambling company will be permitted to target any customer, current or potential, with any information dealing with their own brand, including hours of operation or site addresses, etc. 

The Lithuanian government says that this ban is intended to address problem gambling among its citizens while lowering the spending of iGaming customers. 

20th Anniversary

The Commission’s inaugural chair, Česlovas Kazimieras Blažis commented: “Exactly 20 years ago, in June 2001, I received an offer from the Presidency to serve on the newly established State Gambling Supervisory Commission.

“In order to ensure the protection of the interests and rights of gamblers and gambling operators, the main functions of the Commission have been established.

“Congratulations on this anniversary. I would like to wish the staff every success in continuing and improving the work started by the Commission.”

The ban should lessen problem gambling and keep more of the hard-earned money of Lithuanian locals in their pockets instead of being spent on gambling. Since the COVID pandemic, many countries have adopted this practice. 

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