Pros and Cons of Signing up with Online Casinos Using Social Networks

Florin P. - July 19, 2017

The number of online casinos allowing players to register an account through social networks is growing, but there are pros and cons to consider.

The main reason for why online casinos have won the battle with their land-based counterparts is convenience. Instead of dwelling on their success, Internet gambling operators strive to make it ever easier for players to sign up for an account and enjoy their services. With so many people using social networks on a daily basis, it was only natural for them to seek this type of integration. Signing up with online casinos using social networks is becoming more prevalent, but there are pros and cons to consider.

The Benefits of Signing up through Social Networks

One argument in favor of choosing social networks to register with online gambling operators is to reduce the number of passwords used. Those who choose this path will have a single key to open all doors, which in turn improves the overall user experience. For the casinos, there is also the advantage of familiarity, since prospective users are comfortable logging in with Facebook or Google +. By comparison, they might have second thoughts before opening an account using their email address.

Another reason for why more casinos offer the possibility of signing up using social networks is that they realize the potential of sharing. Shady operators are reluctant to do it, because there is the risk of unhappy customers telling their friends to steer clear. Casino-X and other high-quality brands don’t have this problem and can benefit greatly from customers sharing the brand with friends. Casinos also have access to profile data if they accept Facebook registrations and personalize promotions for the benefit of players.

The Cons of using Social Networks Registration

For all the advantages deriving from allowing new customers to sign up using social network accounts, there are also downsides to consider. Many people don’t feel comfortable sharing too much information about themselves, especially with online gambling operators. This is a two-way street, because casinos also concede control to Facebook or the social network chosen by the player. If the latter decides to cancel his account, the same action will remove him from the list of customers and there is nothing to do.

The idea of having everything connected is appealing to some people but there are plenty who don’t like it at all. Many social network users want to stay in touch with their friends, but don’t want to share everything they are doing online. This is also a serious problem in terms of security, since it goes against all the best industry practices. Ideally, online users should have multiple passwords, so if one account is compromised, the cyber criminals won’t be able to cripple them.

The Bottom Line

The number of people using social networks is impressive, but the truth is that there are many more who decide to stay out of it. That’s why casinos should rely primarily on the traditional way of completing the registration process. Signing up with Facebook, Google +, Yahoo and other social networks accounts should be an option, but not the main way of joining a gambling operator.



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