RAWA Will Not Be Passed in 2015

Published December 23, 2015 by Elana K

RAWA Will Not Be Passed in 2015

RAWA, the bill that would ban online gambling at a federal level, did not make it into the last government spending package of the year - a win for online gambling supporters and a loss for Sheldon Adelson.

Republicans and Democrats worked together last week in a rare show of bipartisan partnership in order to pass a government spending and tax package - and RAWA, the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, was not included in it.

RAWA is a bill that was proposed by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, but the real force behind it is Sheldon Adelson, the notorious online gambling opponent. The bill would see the Wire Act revert to an old interpretation that would render online gambling illegal across the United States, including in those states that have already legalized it.

RAWA did not make it into the last spending package of the year, as the majority of lawmakers thought that it was not an important enough issue.

Not a Good Year for RAWA

RAWA may also have been shunned due a recent hearing at the beginning of the month, which was meant to push the bill forward, but ended up making it look like an embarrassment. The bill was heard by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the overall sense of the hearing was that RAWA supporters have absolutely no facts to back them up.

Now, because RAWA has failed to make it into the 2015 spending package, supporters (namely, Chaffetz and Adelson) will have to wait another whole year before being able to try again.

Online Gambling in America

As of now, three states have legalized online gambling in America: Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Each one has been successful in implementing geolocation technologies and restricting minors from using the sites. Other states, such as Pennsylvania and California, have also considered regulating online gambling in the past year, but were not able to muster enough support to get their respective bills passed.

Now that RAWA is not a threat (at least not for another year), more states might seriously consider legalizing online gambling within their borders.

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