Real Dealer Studios Breaks New Ground with Hollywood-Quality Cinematic Casino Games

Published November 26, 2022 by Shane

Real Dealer Studios Breaks New Ground with Hollywood-Quality Cinematic Casino Games

Real Dealer Studios is shaking the world of RNG table games and game show-styled gambling with its innovative take on cinematic casino game development. Read on to learn more about this hot new gaming category.

The adage "the more things change, the more they stay the same" has been brought to life with Real Dealer Studios' innovative RNG casino game development approach. The Malta-based developer has reinvigorated the RNG table game niche by including the live casino vertical's most significant selling point, real-life dealers.

Join us as we take a closer look at what Real Dealer Studios brings to the online gambling marketplace and how it has managed to carve out a niche in what many consider a crowded space.

Innovative Blend of RNG and Live Performance

At first glance, the table games and show-themed titles from Real Dealer Studios look like new live casino entries. Their releases all feature attractive croupiers and professional hosts engaging with players, and the words “real dealer” are right there in the studio’s name.

When you realise that several games bear the name of the dealer and you see legendary tough guy Vinnie Jones headlining several self-titled games, you begin to think twice about the “live” aspect of their offering. After all, unless Jones’ acting career has taken a dive, there is no way he’s online 24/7 throwing shade and slinging cards.

What Real Dealer Studios have done is overlay RNG-based blackjack and roulette games with scripted dealer interactions. The secret to their success has been their dedication to Hollywood-quality cinematography, deeply intuitive scriptwriting, and an unrelenting pursuit of perfection.

Even Vinnie Jones, who has more than fifty films under his belt, joked about how much time and effort goes into each production. He called his work on Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette “hands down” the longest interview he’s ever had.

This focus on craftsmanship and bringing the personality of each dealer or host to the surface is now paying dividends for the company.

Looking Beyond the Buzz Words

With so many online marketing campaigns relying on undeserved hype to generate interest in a new product, it is common for the end product to fall far short of its promises. And when that new product bursts onto the scene surrounded by buzz words like “Hollywood-quality filmmaking”, “movie-industry producers”, and “100% error-free performance”, it is only natural for there to be a level of scepticism.

Here is what those buzzwords mean in practical terms:

  • Hollywood quality – All games and dealer interactions have been shot using the latest movie-quality recording equipment and lighting. These games outshine some of the industry's best live casino games.
  • Movie-industry producers, techniques, and talent – Creating a Hollywood blockbuster takes a particular set of skills, be it lining up the shot, getting the lighting just right and cutting scenes to create a seamless flow. These games have it all.
  • Error-free performance – Live games are renowned for their bloopers, with dealers having wardrobe malfunctions, missing the start of a new round, and even falling asleep at the tables. Real Dealer Studios offers players access to the sharpest dealers who never make mistakes and always look their best, 24/7!

After getting our hands on the various blackjack, roulette and show games produced by Real Dealer Studios, we are happy to say they live up to the hype! We found each game to live up to the studio’s three pillars of innovation, consistency, and reliability!

The Perfect Choice for Table Game Fans

Depending on how long you have been gambling online, you may not know that the industry was built on a love of table games. Early online casinos consisted of a handful of blackjack and roulette tables and later added video poker to spice things up.

The emergence of online slots as the market's most dominant game category is a relatively recent occurrence. Still, for many players, there is a deep and abiding love for classic table games, which is where Real Dealer Studios shines.

Let’s break down what you can expect from this innovative new studio:

  1. Vinnie Jones! – Yes, the gruff but lovable bad boy is the studio’s first celebrity dealer and hosts Vinnie Jones Blackjack, Vinnie Jones Roulette, and Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette which blends roulette gameplay with a celebrity interview.
  2. Themed Roulette – In addition to their suite of traditional European roulette games, the studio has created several-themed tables around Christmas, Halloween, and ancient Egypt.
  3. Feature Rich Blackjack and Baccarat – Enjoy your favourite card games as you play with the Real Dealer Studios' most popular hosts, and enjoy special features like side bets, enhanced payouts and more.
  4. Game Shows – In keeping with player demand, the studio offers Wheel of Fortune-styled experiences with low minimum stakes and win multipliers of up to 7 times your bet.
  5. Multilingual Gaming – The developer offers all their games in English and three Spanish roulette tables, with more to come.

These are the perfect games for you if you enjoy having the finest dealers at your table but want to avoid interacting with anyone in real-time.

Celebrity Gaming at Its Finest

Vinnie Jones is a beloved actor who has played a variety of hard-headed characters, many with a heart of gold, and as the Real Dealer Studios lead celebrity, it is only fitting to look at the games he has his put name on.

  • Vinnie Jones Blackjack – A low volatility blackjack offering players a 99.51% RTP and stakes that range from €1 up to €1000. Several enticing features include 6 Card Charlie, 21+3 Side Bets, Splits, Double Downs, and Insurance.
  • Vinnie Jones Roulette – A medium volatility roulette with a 97.30% RTP, wagers that range from €0.25 up to €1000, racetrack bets, 39 preconfigured bets and the option to engage autoplay.
  • Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette – The same base game as before but with the added benefit of having the show's star discussing his life with you in a simulated one-on-one interview environment as you play.

Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, commented on working with Jones, saying:

In addition to everything else he is, Vinnie’s simply a consummate professional and a fantastic entertainer. And as you’d imagine, he has an endless supply of crazy stories to tell, so there’s a lot to see.

If you want to enjoy world-class blackjack and roulette while getting answers to personal questions like “Where have you been banned for life and why?” these are the games for you. Be sure to check back regularly, as the developer is already teasing its upcoming slate of 2023 Vinnie Jones releases.

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