RecoverMe Stands as iGaming's Best Hope to Addiction Economic Recovery

Published August 22, 2020 by Lee R

RecoverMe Stands as iGaming's Best Hope to Addiction Economic Recovery

The inventors of a new app shared insights about the behavioural techniques they have integrated into the app's support protocol.

It is no secret that more solutions for problem gambling are continuously being pursued and fervently.

Mobile Apps Offering

Against this landscape, it is encouraging to see the emergence of mobile apps to support individuals in managing and treating their gambling addiction.

Coming Up

A unique app called RecoverMe is leading the charge and will be available from Google play stores in September.

Founders Insights

App founders Minal Jain and Dr Tejus Patel provided unique insights to SBC revealing the disciplines they drew upon to generate the app.

Integrated Techniques

Techniques integrating cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and industry collaboration were all drawn upon to overcome barriers that individuals most common encounter to treatment.

Treatment Targets

The founders revealed that the app specifically targets problem gamblers or those at risk of suffering for gambling addiction. The app was devised upon consultation with psychiatrists, psychologists and ex and current problem gamblers for at-risk individuals to more effectively manage their gambling addiction.

How the Techniques Work

The app delivers cognitive behavioral therapy CBT directly to the mobile of those who most need it, offering a comprehensive structured therapy programme so those at risk can transform how they think, feel and behave towards gambling. The app complements the strategy with “curated mindfulness,” representing a set of techniques proven to reduce the amount of money individuals spend on gambling; and more general well-being strategies.

Key Features

A key feature of the app is a self-monitoring diary to identify patterns of habitual gambling behavior; an emergency support section offering instant support from other peer members and support organisations.

More About CBT

After proving successful in managing other leading chronic mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, CBT's transformation of the self-image of the addicted personality has been clinically proven to reduce the frequency and the severity of gambling.

More About Mindfulness

Mindfulness reduces the urge to gamble through improving an individual’s overall well-being by enhancing their ability to cope with their emotions, which has been proven to be a significant trigger for gambling addiction.


The addition of clinical physicians with NHS training combined with the integration of behavioral science makes the RecoverMe app look like as promising and positive an improvement to the addiction landscape as iGaming has ever seen.

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