Reforming Online Casino Legislation

Published June 18, 2005 by OCR Editor

Reforming Online Casino Legislation

The uS and Europe may have seen a surge of anti gambling policies, but this is about to change. Legalization and regulation are the next steps.

The battles for online casino reformation in the US and Europe as well as parts of Asia are just a few signs of the possible changes to come. The pro gambling lobby in the US and in Europe is starting to gain momentum and it is only a matter of time before the regulations against online gambling become less stringent. Already certain countries in Asia are also starting to show signs of change. The recent murmurs of change in the US and UK laws for the industry is only the first step in a new direction. Land based casinos have been around for so long it is only logical that sites will follow in the near future.

The main argument for legalizing online gambling is because it stands to bring in revenue for the government. Land based casinos already do. It could end up being a large tax grab and could help the government obtain much needed funding. If used properly this could be funneled back into the community for positive effect. The recent attempt to legalize online gambling in North Dakota is just one sign of change.

Ultimately no industry as large as the online casino business can remain illegal forever. It is my feeling that the near future will bring a certain change for the internet gambling businesses and if the governments of the US, Europe and the rest of the world want to cash in on the earnings then they should start looking at online casinos as a serious source of tax revenue. That's my two cents.

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