Responsible Mobile Gaming

Published October 23, 2013 by OCR Editor

Responsible Mobile Gaming

With the rise of mobile phone addiction, mobile gamblers are put at risk. We tell you how to play safe.

Smartphones and tablets let people access a wide range of options at the palm of their hands nowadays. Regardless of where they are, with a stroke of a finger people can do almost anything that they would only be able to do using a computer a few years ago.

With these technologies making their way into almost every aspect of our daily lives, mobile phone addiction has become a modern-day 21 st century plague. A survey in the UK has shown that 54% of its residents are worried when they're not around their phones, and one big cause of anxiousness for them is that their mobile phone battery will die.

This phenomenon was termed nomophobia (no-mobile-phone-phobia). Seeking the creation of comfort derived from a personal security buffer, nomophobes make sure that they are "safe" all the time, usually carrying around mobile phone chargers with them anywhere they go.

Mobile Gaming

Naturally, online casinos have made their way to mobile devices. It is very common for online casinos to have mobile sites into which players can log-in from their smartphones and tablets. Online casinos like William Hill, Jackpot City, Tropezia Palace and All Slots Casino for example, are known for their extensive mobile options.

Many mobile casino games available today feature cutting-edge technology pushing these devices to their limit, with 3D graphics, high-quality sound effects and a smooth gaming experience. Unfortunately, with the rising availability of mobile casino options and their high accessibility, cases of mobile gambling addiction are becoming more common.

Safe Mobile Gambling Habits

In light of the hazards presented by the ever-growing world of mobile gambling, it is important to keep in mind that like watching a movie or going out for dinner, gambling is a form of entertainment. At any moment when you're gambling, you should be making sure that you are having fun. Gambling isn't something you feel compelled to do.

We recommend monitoring your mobile gambling habits - tools like Playscan can help you do that. Set limits for yourself and stick to them - these limits should be budget and time. If you lost - quit, don't try to cover your losses - try again when you're in better shape. Also, make sure to play when at comfort and not while performing other tasks like driving for example - this puts others at risk.

You should play with a clear head, not trying to compensate for a loss or in order to try and steer your mind from other issues - don't use gambling as an escape! It is easy with mobile gaming being so accessible. Lastly, always make sure to play at reliable licensed online casinos which are eCOGRA certified.

Please play safe and keep it fun!

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