Rift Rivals pits League of Legends European Teams against North Americans

Published June 29, 2019 by Florin P

Rift Rivals pits League of Legends European Teams against North Americans

The highly anticipated Rift Rivals tournament brings together the best performing League of Legends teams from Europe and North America.

One of the most important League of Legends tournaments of 2019 takes place this weekend. Rift Rivals is a massive eSports event that pits the best European teams against their peers from North America. The former have won the last edition and are credited with the first chance to do it again, but the Americans are no pushovers. The games start on Friday and conclude at the end of the weekend, providing punters with multiple opportunities to bet on the most popular multiplayer online battle arena game.

The Europeans are Favorites at the Rift Rivals 2019

The top three teams from each continent were chosen to represent their region at the Rift Rivals. The Europeans start with the first chance and they will rely on Fnatic, G2 Esports and Origen to lead them to another trophy. 888 Sport trusts them to win with relative ease, as reflected by the odds of 3/10. North American teams have three representatives of their own, with Team Solomid, Team Liquid and Cloud9 as the frontrunners. Unfortunately for their fans, they are underdogs in all nine matches played during the group stage, while the odds of North America winning the League of Legends Rift Rivals sit at 23/10.

North Americans Pin Their Hopes on Team Liquid

Team Liquid is the best-placed team in the North American League of Legends Championship. Even though they are the best chance the Americans have at the Rift Rivals, they are underdogs in all their three matches. In the opening game against Fnatic, punters get odds of 13/10 at bet365 Sports on Team Liquid and 23/10 in the second match against G2 Esports. The most balanced match of the entire tournament is the last one is played in the group stage by Team Liquid, where they get even odds against Origen. This appears to be the weakest European team, but even so, it is expected to outplay its American opponents.

G2 Esports Looks like the Strongest Team at the Rift Rivals

If there is one team that stands out from the crowd at the Rift Rivals, this has to be G2 Esports. Its five players are expected to carry the Europeans to an early lead and win all the matches in the group stage. Winner Sports offers odds of 1/4 on them to defeat Cloud9, 1/5 against Team Solomid and only 3/10 against America’s best hope: Team Liquid. G2 Esports has been the hottest League of Legends team throughout the year, having already won the Midseason Invitational. In the final act of the competition, they have defeated the reigning world champions Invictus, in three straight matches.

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