Riga: Playtech Launches Largest Live Casino Studio in the World

Published February 3, 2017 by Ivan P

Riga: Playtech Launches Largest Live Casino Studio in the World

Online gaming giant Playtech takes the next step by launching the world's largest Live Casino studio in Riga, Latvia.

Over the last few years, the demand for online live casinos has been growing exponentially. Keeping up with this trend, Playtech, the online gaming giant, has opened the largest world's live casino studio in the heart of Latvia's capital.

Futuristic Approach

Situated on top of Riga's Old Town walls, the new Playtech studio features state-of-the-art technology situated within 8,500 square feet structure. This size makes it the biggest world's live casino studio.

The entire studio has been designed with an aim to offer an unmatched gaming experience based on a fully futuristic approach. Application of the latest technologies will allow Playtech licensees to offer their players a kind of gaming environment they haven't had a chance to see before.

Complete Live Play Solution

The new studio in Riga offers everything a casino needs to offer an unparalleled live gaming experience. The entire space is monitored by hundreds of high-quality cameras covering several hundred casino tables. Licensees will get to enjoy custom made tables and gaming areas, while a part of the complex is reserved for the training of Playtech Live Casino staff.

According to Mor Weizer, Playtech's CEO, the launch of this new studio represents a huge step forward in the Live Casino niche, and it was a significant undertaking not many companies in the market are capable of. The studio in Riga will allow Playtech licensees to deliver the next generation Live Casino experience to their customers, which will benefit the players and casinos alike.

The new studio should cover most Playtech Live Casinos in Europe, with additional space set aside for the companies planning to add the Live Casino offer in the near future. Playtech Live is a part of the company's ONE Omni-channel offering, which allows players quick and simple access to all Playtech's content through a single account, using a single wallet, which makes the product even more attractive to a number of online casinos out there.

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