Warning for Bingo Players: Bingo Site Closings

Published September 19, 2014 by Mike P

Warning for Bingo Players: Bingo Site Closings

OnlineBingo.com and all other bingo sites owned by John and Mike Yates have been foreclosed and must be avoided.

We have a breaking news report to announce the foreclosure of bingo sites owned by gambling operators John and Mike Yates. A number of bingo sites have been affected, all of which have been removed from Online Casino Reports. You must not try to register with or play at Big Time Bingo, Bingo Palace, BingoSC, OnlineBingo.com, Slot Center, and WorldwideVegas.

Some Players to Lose Money

The foreclosure was announced via OnlineBingo.com, with an alert announcing that John and Mike Yates had failed to maintain their payments. The announcement clearly listed the above URLs as bingo sites to avoid. Unfortunately, it was also stated that players with money deposited with sites operated by the Yates were unlikely to be reimbursed.

Chargeback Recommended

A recommendation was made that players of Yates-run bingo sites should chargeback their payments for the previous six months to ensure that the father-son business partners do not profit in the wake of the foreclosure. Follow that advice and perform a chargeback if you have been affected.

Debts Owed

The foreclosure announcement provided further details in explaining that the Yates had not paid debts that were owed to employees, investors, and service providers. Additionally, it was also insinuated that the Yates did not operate a fair gaming policy, utilising house players and software bots to prevent real players from winning.

More Sites to Avoid

Along with the bingo URLs already listed above, there are even more Yates bingo sites that are to be avoided. Here are the sites: BestBigTimeBingo, BestBingoPalace, BestSlotCenter, BestSlotCentral, BigTimeBingo, BingoPalace, BingoVega, CasinoVega, and WorldwideVegas.

Contacting the Yates

Thankfully, contact information has been obtained for the Yates on the onlinebingo website. However, don’t be surprised if they avoid you.

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