Rules Change as the Laws Do

Published October 21, 2006 by OCR Editor

Rules Change as the Laws Do

What seemingly started as simple arrests of industry executives in the United States has led to the passage and signing of an anti-online gambling law. For the past year, many thought it unlikely that a US assault on the industry that Washington felt abus

Now, though, the world has changed and we're not just talking about a world with North Korean nuclear weapons. We're talking about a world having to deal with a US getting tough on online casinos. The chances that the US will revise its law anytime soon, barring some sort of court decision announcing it to be unconstitutional, are small. The gambling world, which long thought it could act with impunity toward the United States because the American government wouldn't seriously go after it, has to think about how to deal with a US government that has obviously been paying more attention to the industry than many might otherwise be willing to credit it as doing.

If anything, it can only be hoped that industry executives are more humble now than they were even six months ago. If they want the United States to accept their business, then they are going to have to respect the law, not simply ignore it. How they approach future dealings with the US government will have a large role in determining the future of the business in America.

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