Russia Crackdown on Casinos

Published October 5, 2006 by OCR Editor

Russia Crackdown on Casinos

While the US is having problems of their own regarding online gambling, Russia has its own hands full, focusing efforts on cracking down on their land based casinos.

Russia's Interior Ministry has shut down a third Moscow casino supposedly controlled by the Georgian mafia, and President Putin and additional orthodox leaders have taken the opportunity to release a statement targeted at condemning gambling and pushing for amendments to strengthen government regulation of the gaming industry. As it has been done before in the US, the main argument circles around the negative influence gambling has on the country.

The crackdown stems from the backdrop of tensions between Russia and Georgia over alleged spying by Russian military officers stationed in the South Caucasus nation. Besides zoning in on the casinos, Russia shut down transport and mail links with Georgia and several senior Russian politicians have demanded economic sanctions and other measures against the country. It has been hinted that Russia might suspend banking operations and money transfers between the two countries as a way of stopping illegal capital flows, which it said are ultimately used for the militarization of the region.

The possible consequences of such a move have two main schools of thought. The first believes that the crackdown will force the sites to take their business underground by 2009, and the second thinks that Putin's proposal will put an end to the operations in Russia once and for all.

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