Satoshi Dice Provides Unique Bitcoin Gambling Experience

Published October 1, 2016 by Ivan P

Satoshi Dice Provides Unique Bitcoin Gambling Experience

Satoshi Dice revolves around a rather simple, yet highly entertaining Satoshi Dice game, where you get to pick the odds.

The world of online casinos is an exciting one, but for the most part you will find a lot of same or similar games wherever you turn. In that regard, Satoshi Dice can offer a really different and unique experience, even if based on a rather simple principle.

About Satoshi Dice Casino

Founded in 2012 as a Bitcoin-only casino, Satoshi Dice managed to find a huge success with a very limited game offering. At first, they only offered Satoshi Dice game to their players and despite the fact this game is essentially very simple, it was well received with the players.

What has attracted players to Satoshi Dice over the years is the fact they offer provably fair games and their Return To Player is a matter of public knowledge. Due to the way their main game operates, there is no room for guessing. You know exactly what you are getting into.

About Satoshi Dice the Game

You don't need any expert knowledge to play Satoshi Dice and there are no hidden strategies that can help you beat the house. It is all fairly straightforward, yet highly entertaining.

To begin with, you pick a number between 1 and 64,225. Then you wager an amount you want to risk that a number smaller than your pick is going to come on the next roll. And then you roll the dice. That's all there is to it.

Picking number 1 offers the best payout of 64,290.9x your bet. Conversely, picking 64,225 only offers 1.0012x payout. Since there are 65,536 numbers on the virtual dice, the range that players are not able to select is, in fact, the house edge, and it amounts to 2%.

Satoshi Slot

Apart from their Dice game, the casino also decided to introduce an online slot to their offer, realizing that players like to have some variety. Satoshi Slot was well received within the Bitcoin gambling community, as it offers exciting gameplay and an opportunity to win up to 513 times your bet on every individual spin.

The slot features free spins triggered by scatter symbols (Bitcoin) appearing on the reels, and during these spins, there are 40 extra wild symbols added across the reels.

Play the House

Apart from their games, Satoshi Dice used the fact that they operate in Bitcoins and offered their players a chance to play the house. You can invest an amount of your choosing and you will be awarded your share of any casino profits based on your participation in the casino's total bankroll.

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