Exclusive: Secret Benefits of Online Lottery Tickets

Published May 26, 2014 by OCR Editor

Exclusive: Secret Benefits of Online Lottery Tickets

Online lotteries remove virtual boundaries between people, making lottery a much easier game to play.

The recent years have seen prizes offered in worldwide lotteries becoming seriously bigger. On a weekly basis, lotteries in Europe, America and Australia offer prizes worth millions of dollars. 

The most enormous sums which have been paid in any international lottery are the exclusive domain of the United States of America. America's two biggest lotteries, Mega Millions and Powerball. On March 2012, the Mega Millions became the lottery which has paid the largest jackpot in the world, when an annuity value of $656 was shared by three winning ticket owners, who shared a whopping sum of $474. Then again, in December 2013, the Mega Millions paid out the second biggest jackpot in lottery history, a cash value of $347.6 million which was shared by two lucky winners.

A Global Lottery Village

The rise of international lotteries and their increased prizes also has to do with the advent of online lottery ticket agents, which have made an impact on the international lottery world especially for two things they have revolutionized. The first is the very introduction of online lottery tickets, which turned purchasing lottery tickets into something you can do in a matter of a click conveniently from your home. 

The second thing has to do with the "global village" as theorist Marshall McLuhan described it. Online lottery ticket agents let players take part in international lotteries regardless of where they live, in a sense, cancelling any virtual lottery boundaries which were set up between countries and continents. This is a positive thing as a whole, because big portions of lottery revenues are donated to good causes on a regular basis.

Online Lottery Ticket Agents

Online lottery ticket sites like The Lotter and Ice Lotto have agents spread throughout the world who purchase tickets per players' request. The tickets are then sent to players digitally and by registered mail to their house, if needed, making it as if they bought the tickets themselves. It is not rare to hear of people who've lost their winning lottery tickets - such situations cannot happen with online lotteries.  Another benefit with online lottery agents is the many promotions they offer. The Lotter, for example, accepts new players with a welcome credit bonus, allowing them to buy another ticket on the expense of the site. Then there are friend referrals, multi-draw packages, subscriptions and a VIP Club.  

Ice Lotto is another example for the benefits of online lottery. Besides the clear benefits of quickness, simplicity and the eradication of the option anyone will ever lose their lottery ticket, Ice Lotto provides its players with updated statistics and odds based on estimations brought up by a team of professional mathematicians and statisticians, effectively taking online lottery to the next level. Ice Lotto offers players tickets to the biggest worldwide lotteries like the EuroMillions, LaPrimitiva, EuroJackpot and the US Mega Millions which has recently rolled over to a whopping $136 million jackpot.

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