Serbia Legislature Emerges With Groundbreaking Adaptations

Published March 27, 2020 by Lee R

Serbia Legislature Emerges With Groundbreaking Adaptations

Serbia's Finance Minister has introduced a new bill to revamp and adapt regulation in the jurisdiction.


The new proposal introduced by Minister Siniša Mali to Serbia's National Assembly updates the 2011 Gambling Act.

Tax Hike

New measures include an online gambling tax hike from 5% of gross revenue to 15% for online betting and 10% for other games.

Balancing Online with Land

With help from community feedback, the Ministry of Finance attributed the higher rate to a disparity between betting and other gaming activity online.

Online betting currently accounts for 75% of Serbia's betting turnover, while only 25% of turnover in from other games comes from online play.

Quintupling Licences

The bill still calls for a substantive increase in land-based casino licences, from the current two to a maximum issue of 10 licenses valid for 10 years each. Casino licence fees for new licences are €500,000 and up.

Terminal Restrictions

Slot machines and bookmakers terminals will be prohibited from being within 200 meters of the shortest safe pedestrian path from educational institutions, or within 100 metres of each other, as applicable only to incoming licencees.

Surveillance and Ad Protections

The bill further establishes an electronic surveillance system to identify illegal gambling websites to be shut down by the Serbian Gambling Authority, along with a gambling adverts requirement of age restriction reminders and addiction prevention warnings.

Employee Training

Employees of gambling operators in direct contact with players will be required to receive specific gambling addiction prevention training.

Social Funding

As far as social reinvestment, the current approach of diverting 40% of government revenue to the Serbia Red Cross will be preserved, to restore a measure which an earlier draft had removed.


All in all, the changes come off as extremely innovative and proactive, and provide hope for a fruitful adaption that can make Serbia an appealing jurisdiction for operators to invest in.

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