Service with a Smile(y)

Published June 30, 2011 by OCR Editor

Service with a Smile(y)

Pop into GoWild to meet the friendliest support staff in the business!

In an industry of such fierce - and quality - competition, one of the things that makes GoWild stand out from the rest is their knack to make you smile!

Welcome to GoWild Casino :)

Much has been written about GoWild's Customer Support team and it's quite clear that it's because they do just that - support the players by balancing a professional charm with casual friendliness!

Whether it's assisting players with general questions or technical inquiries or even celebrating with players on recent wins, contacting a Support operator over Live Chat at GoWild Casino is a very enjoyable experience! These very happy-go-lucky ladies are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide a top-notch service to players in need, and always with a smile.

In fact, what this Support team is famous for is their smiles - or, 'smileys' to be exact! There are not too many conversations you will have with a GoWild operator that won't feature several 'happy icons'! As well as being very infectious, 'smileys' convey the operator's expressions and as a result creates more of a fun, comfortable and interactive experience for the players.

Carefully selected with the players' needs in mind, this is a team that respects each and every customer as an individual. They know the importance of making a player feel special and they have a unique ability to personalise the contact between player and operator in order to build long-lasting relationships.

An idea to stand by

GoWild Casino's reputation as one of the leading young casinos is based on one very simple idea: Providing great offers and excellent gaming certainly keeps players interested, but extending red carpet treatment for the lifetime of those players, means they will always be excited to return - and that is what keeps them coming back for life.

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